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Caroline Théberge was trained  by Daniel Meurois, Marie-Johanne Croteau, Francis Hoffman and Karen Morand
according to the complete method transmitted and taught by Daniel Meurois and Marie-Johanne Croteau


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THE ORIGIN...of the therapeutic practices...have undeniably been lost in the Night Ages...their luminous appearance, their simplicity and their universality necessarily associate them with a very eloborate culture, testifying to a perception of Life in alititude...Essenian and Egyptian sensitivity care is a holistic therapeutic approach to the human being expressed through a sacred touch of the physical body and energetic bodies and the use of high quality anointing oils.
They require from the therapist a state of mind reflecting the Consciousness of the Sacred and a process of compassion, out of all dogma. Although the contemporary Egyptians of Pharaoh Akhenaton and their direct heirs, the Essenes largely contributed to structure them, their first roots are obviously ageless. "

WHAT Energetic Care CAN DO ?

  • Restoring harmony in the energy circulation of the body through conscious and respectful work

  • To detect and eliminate the toxic forms thought, often at the origin of diseases

  • Facilitating the awareness of being able to take important steps in one's inner development

  • Desincrusting hurtful memories stuck in cells

  • Prevent physical and psychological disorders by detecting zones of blockages or intoxication destabilizing the body and its organs

  • Harmonization of chakras, physical body and subtle bodies

  • Energetic treatments on one-organ-s

  • Support for internal advancement, the desire to progress: to lift conscious / unconscious blockages when there is a sensation of stagnation.


Reasons for consultation

Global Energetic Treatments

Specific Energetic Care and New Technics from Le Nouveau Grand LIvre des Thérapies Esséniennes et Égyptiennes

 Energetic Care for Women

Advanced Practices


Global Energetic Treatments

- Resynchronization of Soul and Body

- Grand Fatigue

- Energetic Leakage of Shoulders

- States of Shock

- Profound Emotionality

- Depressive States

- Mental Crystallizations, Thoughts-Forms, Self-Parasitizing

- Readjustment of Subtle Bodies

- Coccygeal Memories



Specific Energetic Treatments

- Colopathy, Intestinal dysfonctions

- Recurring Throat Problems, Laryngeal chakra

- Regulation of the Thyroid

- Diabetes

- High Blood Pressure

- Chronic Renal Insufficiency

- Sleep Apnea

- Asthma

- Articular Rheumatism

- Sprains, Strains, Elongations

- Fibromyalgia

- Sleeping Disorders

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Prostatitis

- Addiction

- Circulatory Problems of the Legs

Feminine Energetic Treatments:

- Irregular Menstrual Cycles

- Energetic Disorders: Pregnant Woman, Miscarriages and Abortions

- Pre and Menopause

- Infertility

- Breast Cancer and Nodules

Advanced Practices

- Therapy of Archetypes

- Healing Petals

- Therapy of Surrender

- Language of Vertebrae

Note: Energy care is not a substitute for treatment or medical follow-up. The therapist is not a doctor and as such, does not take part in the diagnosis establishment or prescription of drugs.

Source:  The Great Book of Essenian & Egyptian Therapies, by Daniel Meurois & Marie-Johanne Croteau

Image: Le Nouveau Grand Livre des Thérapies Esséniennes et Égyptiennes, Éd. Passe-Monde

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